Detailed Pricing

Please click on a service below for detailed pricing. If your service is not listed, please contact us online or call (517) 547-1255 to request an estimate.

Disclaimer: prices for services are subject to change. Please contact Miller Property Service for more information.

Pickup & Delivery Services  $45

A minimum of $60 of services is required to schedule our Home Opening & Closing services.


Replace batteries in smoke/carbon monoxide detector* $15 per unit
Replace light bulbs* $5 per bulb
Replace furnace filters* $10
Clean inside and outside:
          Refrigerator $30
          Oven $60
          Dishwasher $45
          Microwave $15
Clean Garbage Disposal $30
Clean Range Filter $15
Seal Kitchen Granite $60
Fill water softner with salt* $30
Vacuum, flip and rotate mattress $30 each
Bed Making $20 per bed
Clean aerators on faucets $15 each
Tighten Handles on all cabinets $30
Vacuum dryer vent $45
Vacuum stuffed furniture (up to 4 pieces) $60
Clean and rotate ceiling fans (up to 4 fans) $45
Clean vent covers (furnace/airconditioner) – up to 8 covers $60
Respond to alarms on house  $30 M-F & $60 weekends and evenings between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
Meet Vendors and stay for up to 1 hour $60


Power Wash Decks $60 per hour
Power wash garagae floor $60 per hour
Clean Outdoor Furniture (wash furniture and vacuum cushions) $60 per hour
Pick up debris on property $60 per hour
Clean Grill (inside and out) $60
Clean grill cover $15
Replace External Light Bulbs* $5 per bulb

*Customer to provide supplies and/or extra charges may apply

Meet renters at beginning of rental period – complete check list $30
Meet renters at end of rental  period and walk through property $30
Restock toiletries* $30
Arrange cleaning service and confirm completeness $30
Respond to issues and arrange necessary services $60 per issue

*Customer to provide supplies and/or extra charges may apply

Wash and dry exterior and clean rims $45
Vacuum interior and wipe down surfaces $15
Clean interior windows $10
Uncover Boat $15
Uncover Jet Ski $10
Recover Boat $15
Recover Jet Ski $10
Clean inside boat** Starting at $45
Fill coolers with ice* $10 each cooler
Deliver Food to boat* $15
Gas up boat* $20

*Customer to provide supplies and/or extra charges may apply
**$45 base rate. Price is subject to change based on condition and size of the boat.

Property Walk Through $30
Storm check property and walk through $30
Water Plants Inside $30
Water Gardens and plants outside $60 per hour
Weekly retrieval of mail $15
Put out and retrieve garbage $15
Respond to alarms – Monday – Friday (7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.) $30
Respond to alarms – Monday – Friday Evenings (7:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.) & weekends $60
Meet Vendors – and stay for up to 1 hour $60
Replace propane tanks* $15
Paint touch up* $60 per hour

*Customer to provide supplies and/or extra charges may apply

Prepare a property maintenance checklist $60 per hour
Arrange for vendor services $60 per hour
Event and Party Preparations and Clean-up $60 per hour